What's It All About?

The Cyber Cult was created in tandem with Liquid Think, not as opposites, but to work together. Liquid Think had somewhat of a funky combination of articles. Some were far off, whilst others were more technical and 'to-the-point'. I decided to split this dichotomy off into two websites. The Cyber Cult will hold all of the technical stuff that I would rather have separate from Liquid Think. Essentially, it will follow the many processes and thoughts behind my endeavors, as well as opinions on technical topics like Linux, OOP, etc.

Who Am I?

andrew pic I’m a born tech nerd. Well…probably not born, but I’m working on it. I fanaticize everything programming, hacking, or Lovecraft (probably a bit too much for my own good). This blog describes the technical processes behind many of my endeavours. If you’re more into theoretical nerdy-geeky stuff, check out Liquid Think, my other blog!